For 2024, Morrison Healthcare DI will offer:

Internship Class: Aug 2024-March/April 2025

Track 1:  Aug 2024-March 2025; 40 hours/wk, Monday-Friday; Admission requirement: DPD Verification Statement with completed MS degree by July 2024.

Track 2:  Aug 2024-April 2025; 32 hours/wk, Monday-Thurs; Admission requirement: BS degree, DPD Verification statement, 18 hours completed toward master’s degree. 

Track 3: Aug 2024-April 2025; 32 hours/wk, Monday-Thurs; Accepted into University of Alabama (UA) or Texas Tech University (TTU) MS Degree, with BS degree and DPD Verification Statement; Courses with UA start May 2024 and TTU can start in Spring 2024.    

A mandatory orientation will be held Aug 26-30 in Atlanta, GA. Students must attend all days in person. Rotations will start on Sept 3, 2024.   

Internship Breaks:  The week of Thanksgiving; Monday prior to Christmas and returning the Monday after New Year’s Day; and MLK Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July.

Orientation:  All students must attend the in-person orientation prior to starting the internship. 

Online Sessions: Online classes will be scheduled in the evenings throughout the internship. The sessions will provide online live training, presentations, and discussions.

Rotation experiences based on 32 - 40-hours/week include:

Food Management (6 -7 weeks)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:

~ Implement steps to order, purchase, and receive food according to regulatory and budgetary requirements.
~ Create and implement recipes/menus to satisfy needs and demands of patients and café customers.
~ Assist with employee schedules, payroll, and providing training and development.
~ Participate in patient food delivery operations from meal selection to patient meal delivery
~ Evaluate workflow of systems, kitchen design, kitchen equipment and layout
~ Researching and implementing sustainability initiatives or trends to improve food management operations.
~ Analyze quality, financial and productivity data for use in planning.
~ Evaluate food & nutrition services to ensure that the environment for customers and associates is safe and regulatory requirements are met.

In-patient Clinical Nutrition (12 -14 weeks)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:
~ Assess and educate patients with varying medical conditions
~ Present case study and a comprehensive literature review
~ Participate in functions of leadership

Outpatient Nutrition Counseling and Community (3 weeks)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:
~ Participate in providing medical nutrition therapy to patients/clients in the outpatient setting
~ Document requirements and follow-up of care and communications in the outpatient setting
~ Participate in coding and billing of nutrition services to obtain reimbursement for services
~ Participate in providing an outpatient class or healthcare system community initiative
~ Estabish, coordinate, and lead a group for a local grocery shopping tour.

Specialty Rotation (3 weeks) NEW
Experiences to include, but not limited to:
Opportunity to specialize in an area the student is interested in. Specialty rotations may include nutrition support, sports nutrition, pediatrics, telehealth, food insecurity, long-term care, business management, corporate leadership, wellness & sustainability, teaching kitchens, school nutrition, nutrition informatics, marketing/social media communications, and culinary patient nutrition. Please note that some of these rotations can be virtual. 

Research (32 hours)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:

~Designated research topic established by the internship
~Collection of data, with analysis of information, and literature research to support topic
~Research topic and findings presented as a poster 

Professional Development  (32 hours)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:

~Interactive workshops and webinars on self-assessment, learning and leadership styles, conflict management with interactive case scenarios, and so on
~Value of preceptorship and mentorship leadership panel
~Recruitment fair with Talent Acquisition team and interview panel, and salary negotiation skill practices