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The Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship is 35 weeks for full-time interns, starting in September and ending in May.  Part time interns must rotate a minimum of 24 hours/wk and the internship is 59 weeks, starting in September and ending the following September.

Internship Breaks:  The week of Thanksgiving;Monday prior to Christmas and returning the Monday after New Year’s Day; and MLK Day.

Orientation:  All interns must attend orientation in Atlanta, GA prior to starting the internship. Orientation is usually the Tuesday through Friday after Labor Day for Spring match.

Online Sessions: On-line classes will be scheduled in the evenings throughout the internship. The sessions will  provide on-line live training, presentations, and discussions.

Rotation experiences include:

Food Management (9 weeks)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:

~Implement steps to order, purchase, and receive food according to regulatory and budgetary requirements.
~Create and implement recipes/menus to satisfy needs and demands of patients and café customers.
~Assist with employee schedules, payroll, and providing training and development.
~ Identify areas of improvement for efficiency and quality in patient service meal delivery
~ Evaluate workflow of systems, kitchen design, kitchen equipment and layout
~Researching and implementing sustainability initiatives or trends to improve food management operations.
~Analyze quality, financial and productivity data for use in planning.
~Evaluate food & nutrition services to ensure that the environment for customers and associates is safe and regulatory requirements are met.
~Participate in employee wellness through retail marketing and sales

In-patient Clinical Nutrition (10 weeks)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:
~Assess and educate patients with varying medical conditions
~Present case study and a comprehensive literature review
~Participate in functions of leadership

Long Term Care (3 weeks)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:
~ Assess and educate residents of the elder population with diagnoses that include pressure ulcers, dysphagia, and unintended weight loss
~ Complete nutrition risk assessments, develop nutrition care plans, and follow up on interventions to ensure positive results
~ Learn the difference between regulatory agencies, different levels of care, and the regulations these impact

Outpatient Nutrition Counseling and Community (3 weeks)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:
~ Participate in providing medical nutrition therapy to patients/clients in the outpatient setting
~ Document requirements and follow-up of care and communications in the outpatient setting
~Participate in coding and billing of nutrition services to obtain reimbursement for services
~ Participate in healthcare system community initiative

Practicum Enrichment (2 weeks)
Experiences to include, but not limited to:
This is the time for the intern to experience a more independent level of work and to demonstrate his/her ability to work as an entry level dietitian.  This experience will be in the intern's chosen concentration area of either Clinical Nutrition, Healthcare Food & Nutrition Services Food Management or Long Term Care.

Concentration (3 weeks)
Applicants will be asked to select their desired area of concentration during the application process.  Concentrations may be changed no later than 3 weeks after the first rotation if the schedule allows.  Refer to the CONCENTRATION section under Program Structure to learn more.

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