Program Overview

Morrison provides leadership and benefits to ensure a quality distance education dietetic program.  Students will be exposed to a wide variety of experiences and collaborate with healthcare experts.  Although the students will be located in various areas of the country, the education requirements and expectations will remain equal.  All students, regardless of location, will participate in the online education requirements including completion of recorded and animated presentation modules, live webinars, and case study presentations, all using technologies supported through the internship.  Through an online course management system, the program director, preceptors, and students will have a centralized location to aid in the progress and evaluation of the interns.

We are a unique distance program in that we arrange all of the rotation sites and preceptors for our students.

For 2024, Morrison Healthcare DI will offer:

Internship Class: Aug 2024-March/April 2025

Track 1:  Aug 2024-March 2025; 40 hours/wk, Monday-Friday; Admission requirement: DPD Verification Statement with completed MS degree by July 2024

Track 2:  Aug 2024-April 2025; 32 hours/wk, Monday-Thurs; Admission requirement: BS degree, DPD Verification statement, 18 hours completed toward master’s degree. 

Track 3: Aug 2024-April 2025; 32 hours/wk, Monday-Thurs; Accepted into University of Alabama (UA) or Texas Tech (TTU) MS Degree, with BS degree and DPD Verification Statement; Courses with UA start May 2024 and TTU can begin in Spring 2024.    

See Prospective Students, for detailed program admission requirements.

The program schedule and supervised practice rotation guidelines are as follows:

When in rotation, students will keep the same schedule as the Preceptor, or as directed by the Preceptor.

It is the responsibility of the student to contact each Preceptor prior to the beginning of a supervised practice rotation to confirm the time and location where they will meet and any assignments due.  This should be done at least three weeks prior to the start of each rotation.

For each supervised practice experience, a document will be provided to the student and preceptor that defines required pre-work assignments, competencies to achieve, hours required, and learning activities.  Students are not to be used to replace employees.  There is a defined practicum enrichment experience rotation once the intern has met all previous competencies.

Program Outline

Rotation Type Rotation Name 5-day Track Weeks (40 Hours) 4-day Track Weeks (32 Hours)
Food Service Management Food Service Management/Wellness 6 (240) 7 (224)
Clinical Inpatient Acute Care 12 (480) 15 (480)
Outpatient 2 (80) 2 (64)
Community 1 (40)  1 (40)
Specialty  Specialty 3 (120) 3 (96)
Research Research 0.6 (24) 0.6 (24)

Orientation/Clinical/Professional Development Virtual Training and Assignments

1.9 (77) 1.9 (77)
Total Hours                      1060 1005

* See Program Structure for description.