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Online Master's Degree Available

Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship has established a partnership with The University of Alabama to provide Interns with the opportunity to enroll in a fully online, 30 credit-hour Master of Science program in Human Nutrition. The program is creatively designed to provide foundation knowledge in the summer before rotations start and to coordinate coursework and assignments with the internship rotations. Internship directors work directly with university faculty to align assignments and activities, and most students complete the degree within one year of finishing the internship. Acceptance into the program occurs after computer match and out of state tuition rates are waived. Financial aid is available to cover tuition and living expenses (of the Master's program), and there is no need for additional letters of recommendation or GRE Scores. For more information contact  You can learn more about the program here: 

Interns who select to participate in the Master's program will be scheduled for 32 hours (4 days) per week in the internship and complete the internship in mid-June.  Then the intern is qualified to sit for the dietitian registration exam.   We collaborate with the University of Alabama on the intern's schedule; however, the Internship costs and completion of specific assignments are independent of the Master's program.  The internship does not qualify for financial aid.

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