Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship

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Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship Experience

Online Master's Degree Available

Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship has a partnership with The University of Alabama to provide Students with the opportunity to enroll in a fully online, 30 credit-hour Master of Science program in Human Nutrition. Students should apply to the University of Alabama at the same time they are applying to the Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship, as the two organizations work together for acceptance to both program (see Prospective Student tab). If you are applying to the Spring match with a DICAS deadline of Feb 15, you should also apply to UA by that time so they can review your application and info the student of acceptance by March 22 (2 weeks prior to the match).  The student should send us an email with their acceptance letter to the UA grad school by March 22. 

The internship and graduate degree are designed to be completed within 18 months. During the first summer semester, students enroll in 6 credits, which will serve as foundational knowledge for the program. During the following fall and spring semesters, students will complete supervised practice hours 4 days/wk, along with 6 graduate hours each semester. At the completion of supervised practice, the student will have 18 of the 30 required hours, with the remaining 12 hours completed in the following summer and fall semesters (6 hours each semester).

Sample schedule with UA Master Program and Morrison Healthcare DI

Summer 1

(June-early Aug)

Fall 1

(Aug-mid Dec)

Spring 1

(Jan-mid May)

Summer 2

(June-early Aug)

Fall 2

(Aug-mid Dec)

18 months

  • NHM 566
  • NHM 587

Clinical Rotations

  • NHM 585
  • NHM 567


Mgt Rotations

  • NHM 588
  • POPH 522

Clinical Rotations

  • NHM 585
  • NHM 567


Mgt Rotations

  • NHM 588
  • POPH 522
  • NHM 509
  • NHM 562
  • NHM 530
  • NHM 561
  • Capstone Project
  • Verification Statement

Course Listing

  • POPH 522            Biostatistics (3)
  • NHM 509             Research Methods (3)
  • NHM 530             Advanced Nutrition Counseling (3)
  • NHM 561             Advanced Vitamin and Mineral Metabolism (3)
  • NHM 562             Metabolism of Energy Nutrients (3)
  • NHM 566             Advanced Clinical Nutrition (3)
  • NHM 567             Nutrition Support of the Critically Ill (3)
  • NHM 585             Clinical Nutrition Management (3)
  • NHM 587             Integrated Food Systems Management (3)
  • NHM 588             Advanced Food Service Systems Management (3)

Total: 30 credits

A student must complete both the Dietetic Internship and have a confer master’s degree prior to obtaining their Verification Statement to sit for the RDN exam through CDR.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Graduate School requires: overall 3.0 GPA, an overall 3.0 GPA in the last 60 semester hours, or a 3.0 GPA in a graduate program.

If the GPA is lower than recommended, students may be considered for admission on a Permission to Continue Status. For further information see:

No GRE required.


  • Application cost to graduate school: $65 for U.S. citizens and permanent residents and $80 for international students
  • Distance Learning Graduate Tuition Rates: $440 per credit hour.  If completing entire master online, $440 x 30 hours= $13,200 plus additional fees.
  • Textbooks: $100-$400/semester, depending on the courses and required resources.

Students enrolled in degree programs in the Graduate School at The University of Alabama are eligible to apply for federally supported financial aid.

Read more detail information on courses, admission requirements, credit hours, contact information and tuition costs at: