Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship

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Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship Experience


Dietetic interns assume financial responsibility for a laptop, meals, lodging, lab coats and laundry, as well as other specific internship related expenses.

Dietetic Internship Program Tuition*
Tuition fee to be paid by certified check or online with a credit card and additional processing fee.
Liability Insurance ($1 M per occurrence and $5 M in aggregate)** $24.00
Medical Insurance Policy for intern varies
Background (drug and criminal)
Interns may incur additional costs for background checks or fingerprinting of specific facilities, if required by rotation site. 
Proof of current immunizations
Also include 2 step TB testing and current tetanus shot. COVID vaccination is required per hospital policy. This includes full vaccination prior to starting a rotation at the site. Some locations require the booster within the time frame recommended by the CDC per type of original vaccination, ie, Pfzer, Moderna, J&J. 
Affiliate Membership in the Academy $63.00***
Lunches while in supervised practice rotations varies
Parking at rotation sites varies
Miscellaneous supplies (for project presentation, posters)   $50.00-75.00
Local or state dietetic meetings varies
Personal laptop varies
Lab coat $30.00

*$1500 non-refundable portion of program fee is due within 14 days of acceptance to internship.  Tuition is non-refundable within 30 days of starting program.

* *Suggested company: Marsh, Seabury & Smith at

***Subject to change by the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Transportation: Interns are responsible for their own transportation and must have a reliable vehicle in order to participate in rotations in various sites. Car insurance is mandatory in most states.

Other expenses:  Interns are responsible for expenses related to attending local and/or state professional meetings.

Health services, Counseling and Financial Aid are NOT provided through the Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship Program.

Computer Requirements

Your computer must have one of the following web browsers:

  • Recent Google Chrome
  • MS Internet Explorer 10 or later

Headset (or equivalent) to use for online webinar presentations.

Additional Requirements

  • Adobe Reader for reading PDF files.
  • Office software suite, including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or comparable software suites for viewing and editing office documents.