Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship

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Morrison Healthcare Dietetic Internship Experience

Completion Requirements

The student must satisfactorily complete all the requirements of the program and show progress in individual areas of professional growth to successfully complete the program and qualify to take the registration examination.

1.  At the beginning of the internship program, the program director will verify that the interns have submitted all appropriate educational documentation as follows:

  • Original transcript (from college/university in which intern has the highest degree with confer date)
  • Original DPD Program Verification Statement

2. Upon satisfactory completion of all the internship program requirements, the intern will receive the Verification Statement, which will make the intern eligible:

a.       For active membership in the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, and
b.       To write the registration examination (RD Exam) of the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

3.  An intern who is not able to successfully complete the program within the specified time frame may be granted an extension, dependent upon the individual situation, to complete the training.  Extension of training will be contingent on the availability of staff to serve as preceptor.